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Csi Multi Products License Generator




Curently licenses are :Office(MS) and Home(MS) Products. So if you have MS Office Product and do not want to loose your licences, better to get curently licenses. License keyfile is downloaded and saved at computer directory in original *.lic file format. You may use it for any of your PC, whether this is your personal one or work PC, the keyfile can be used unlimited times. Also you may use it for several computers too. Created by me exclusively for you, i hope that you like it, and i hope that it is going to help you in any cases. I am not in any way related to Microsoft and i did not receive any financial help for the creation of this utility. This utility is just created by me for people who loves to play games but cannot afford the expensive games that comes with the new computers. I cannot guarantee that if you use this utility, your computer will not be infected with viruses or some other malware because there are always some risks when you use any new programs. If you feel that you are going to encounter some problem with the software or if you have any question on using it, contact me directly via the comments section. Please read the readme file in the archive. Hints: License Key is obtained by entering the serial number of your computer and pressing on Generate Keys Button. If you do not have serial number or if you are not sure of your own serial number then you can use the product key (serial number) of the computer (you can get the product key of your computer from the sticker on the side of your computer). Enter the product key of your computer in the product key box and press Generate Keys Button. After you have entered your product key then press Generate Keys Button. Windows Vista users: If you see the following message "The product key you entered is not valid" you have entered the wrong product key. If you do not have product key then enter the serial number of your computer. When you exit from the software, you will get the serial number which was saved into the keyfile.exe. When you press the Generate Keys button and the password dialog box will open. Enter the correct password to generate the keyfile and press OK. After you have entered the correct password you will be redirected to the keyfile.exe. When you have multiple computers,




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Csi Multi Products License Generator

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